The “Write” Tool for the Job

Dear Reader,

On occasion I enjoy a bit of antiquing and a trip to a series of shops proves relaxing and sometimes I find a little treasure. I have a very modest collection of manual typewriters and recently acquired a 1926 Underwood No. 5. The No. 5 was probably the most massed produced of the Underwood’s in the early part of the 20th century. It is in wonderful condition. Not quite mint, but it has a lot of character. Some of you, like me may have taken actual typing classes in school, not keyboarding skills. It takes a bit of strength to hit those keys hard enough to put ink to paper,  my laptop’s keyboard could attest that some habits are hard to break.

I found this typewriter at one of my favorite shops Marketplace Antiques13925117_1227218503997761_4490336340250310049_n

The folks at this shop are some of the nicest you will meet anywhere. Always, very helpful and make the shopping experience special.

I have a romantic notion that one day I will type out an entire novel on one of my manual typewriters and have it bound.

Apparently, Tom Hanks also have a love of manual typewriters and has written a book about these wonderful machines. A dear friend gave me a copy of the book, and it is on my “to be read” list. But, Uncommon Type, looks fascinating.

Uncommon Type

As a writer, these excursions to the antique shops are a wonderful way to take a break from writing and also find inspiration in the process.

Another of my hobbies when I am not writing is knitting, this week also includes a baby blanket for a friend with a new grandson.

I’m also finishing up a ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) for another author who will be launching their book next week. More about that later.

Enjoy the impending weekend!




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