“Weather” or Not

Hello Dear Reader,

Things have been a little interesting here of late. I have been under the weather for about a week. I’m afraid my writing suffered a bout of the flu as well. I was not able to get much accomplished.

March in coastal Virginia is a wild ride. You can have a mild winter up until we reach  March and then you can get anything from snow storms, Nor’easters, spring flowers blooming and temperatures in the 70-degree range or all of the above in a months time.

Last week and had a unique Nor’easter. It was unique in that we have very little rain. We had terrible winds and wind gusts, but they usually bring several inches of rain with them. Not this time. We are blessed with beautiful rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, and the ocean, but that also means bridges and the winds caused one of them to have to shut down completely as it was too dangerous to attempt a crossing. The others had reduced speeds. The picture doesn’t do it justice out there on the bridge.

But, the good news is that my flu seems to have flown and Gray’s Requiem is flying off the proverbial shelf. Have you read it yet? You don’t want to miss out. Get your copy at these fine online retailers and Amazon.

Happy Reading!

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