Freezing Fog

The use of fog in a story conjures up all sorts of mysterious images and thoughts. Creatures dragging themselves out of the fog in search of new victims, strange noises, and scary images prompt us to lock the doors and close the currents when the world around us is shrouded in fog. But freezing fog, now that can’t be good, that can’t be good at all.

But, as I gaze out my window towards the river, that is exactly what the forecast is for this morning. Freezing fog. I can’t see even see the river’s edge. I can barely make out the outline of the ships docked in port.

So what is freezing fog?

From the National Weather Service in Jackson, Ky.: Freezing fog occurs when the water droplets that the fog is composed of are “supercooled.” Supercooled water droplets remain in the liquid state until they come into contact with a surface upon which they can freeze. As a result, any object the freezing fog comes into contact with will become coated with ice. The same thing happens with freezing rain or drizzle.

Well, that conjures all sorts of ideas, doesn’t it? Think I’ll stay in today and add some freezing fog to my story.


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