Welcome to Stitches and Stories, I am Milissa Story and I publish under the names of Milissa L. Story and M.L. Story. Currently, I am working on a science fiction/alternative history, the Maggie Gray trilogy, but have plans to start a detective fiction series. Here you will find links to my books, my blog which I hope you will find informative and entertaining.  Feel free to contact me with questions and to share your writing journey as well.

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I finished up The Deceived last night and I just want to know when the sequel will be out? I loved the story! Honestly, I didn’t think I would but I did! I can’t wait to pick the story up to see what Maggie will be up to next!

Margaret F.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Usually, when I pick up a book it has to grab my attention right away or I lose interest.
The story of Maggie Gray caught my attention right away. Ms. Maggie Gray is one bad chick! I can’t wait to read volume 2!

Tracy B.