Storming Area 51 is currently available for pre-order and will release on September 20, 2019. It is a wonderful anthology to celebrate Area 51 and all its rumored activities. with 35 stories you can feel like your storming the gates from the safety of your Kindle! Get your copy today for only $3.99!

The Deceived, the first book in the Maggie Gray trilogy is available on Amazon; these fine retailers and Audible. The e-book is currently available for $1.99.

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The amazing cover art was created by William Heavey at Bold Fox Designs

My books are narrated by the very talented Heather August.

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Having spent so much time with Maggie, Jack and all the other great characters that Milissa has created, I have gotten to know, love, hate, get frustrated with and adore these people.  As their narrator, giving voice to these characters has been a great professional, as well as personal joy.  They are complicated, flawed, heroic, and relatable.  Milissa’s story (yeah, I said it.)  is full of twists and turns on the surface, but the undercurrent is always lurking.  I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the voices to these fleshed out characters, and look forward to finding out more about them and the other characters she has making their way to her books.  Working with Milissa has been a great journey and I am a huge fan of Maggie and Milissa!  Well done, dear!

Heather August

Audiobook Narrator

I read the first book and have been waiting for the next one. Thoroughly enjoyed it read in two sittings because I wanted to see what happened next. Good job. – Connie R.