What if the Roswell crashed actually happened? What technologies might we have gained? What if we weren’t alone in the universe or on this planet?

My books explore the question “what if” and take it to an entertaining level. Come explore with me.

I am Milissa L. Story and I publish under the names of Milissa L. Story and M.L. Story. Currently, I am working on a science fiction/alternative history, the Maggie Gray trilogy, but have plans to start a detective fiction series. Here you will find links to my books, my blog which I hope you will find informative and entertaining.  Feel free to contact me with questions and to share your writing journey as well.

Thank you for stopping by my site.

I read the first book and have been waiting for the next one. Thoroughly enjoyed it read in two sittings because I wanted to see what happened next. Good job. – Connie R.


I finished up The Deceived last night and I just want to know when the sequel will be out? I loved the story! Honestly, I didn’t think I would but I did! I can’t wait to pick the story up to see what Maggie will be up to next!

Margaret F.